Conference Lineup

NWJC 2018  August 10-12

—-Friday evening, August 10

Northwest Reception – available as a stand alone ticket – $125

Meet the instructors over cocktails (no host bar) and lavish appetizers 

Tales of the Cheapside Hoard  HAZEL FORSYTH brings to life the jewelry of the Elizabethan era from this time capsule unearthed from beneath the streets of London’s fabled jewelry district. Tudor and Jacobean pieces as well as much older articles have been meticulously studied and cataloged by Hazel and presented under her curation at the London Museum.  She wrote “London’s Lost Jewels: The Cheapside Hoard” associated with the exhibition and an essential read on this remarkable find.

—-Saturday, August 11

Another Time and Place – The Grand Victorian Era ULYSSES GRANT DIETZ  will chronicle this year’s wrinkle in time starting in the 1860’s and carrying through a transitional period where fashion, gem and metal discoveries brought us into a new era.  A 360˚ look at the societies,trends and politics that helped shape the jewelry worn by the aristocrats and by the commoners.

Earrings: From Antiquity to Present AMANDA TRIOSSI says it all with the title of a book she shared with Daniela Mascetti.  An adornment that has made simple to opulent statements, earrings will be examined as its own category, part of an ensemble or when they were abandoned all together. Materials and design through a 5000 year old history will bring a better appreciation to this vital fashion accessory.

Jewelry of the Rich, Famous… and Infamous DIANA SINGER reveals the stories behind the jewels worn by our Hollywood stars, royalty, business tycoons and maybe a nefarious character or two.  The works of Bulgari, Tiffany, Cartier, VCA and many others will be on display along with the trials and tribulations that went into dealing with these most special clients.

Recognizing Metal Fabrication Techniques PETER SHEMONSKY presents an extensive workshop to help us identify jewelry-making techniques and whether what we observe is true to a given period in history.  Recognizing method is important in dating manufacture and spotting inconsistencies helps reveal the fakes – saving our money and reputation.

The Jewelry of Mary Lee Hu  MARY LEE HU shares the inspiration and metallurgical techniques that have created her impressive catalog of unique jewelry art exhibited and heralded worldwide. Learn what inspires and compels such creativity through the eyes of the artist and see up close the flowing textile-like qualities of her work

—-Sunday, August 12

Bvlgari   AMANDA TRIOSSI brings a first-hand history of this iconic jeweler, having worked with the family in curating its works and in writing multiple volumes for the archives.  From the designer’s Greek origins to the bold expressions instantly recognized, Amanda will bring unique depth to the subject as well as discuss the many impostors flooding the market from her Snakes to Fakes exposé.

Inside the Cheapside Hoard  HAZEL FORSTYH will take a closer look at the metallurgy and enameling techniques of the time revealed through advanced scientific means.  Hazel will share her ongoing forensics of the Hoard and what her historical research has revealed in chasing down answers on gold fineness, trade routes and the society of the time.

Going, going, gone….!  PETER SHEMONSKY looks at today’s auction market – what’s hot, what’s not and how to better participate in this arena.  Learn tricks to researching past auctions in building comparables for an appraisal or to search for the perfect collectible.   Peter will share his decades-long experience in the field with insights and examples of why some pieces go high and some go home.

Collector’s After-Party  follows  the scheduled sessions, allowing a further chance to network and share stories of your pieces and collections.

Participants help  create the next year’s program with their ideas on session topics and proposed speakers.